Posted by: Korry | December 1, 2011


In Monday’s blog, The Difference Is Focus, I mentioned a concept called “Disciplined Practice” which I learned about in Geoff Colvin’s thought-provoking book, Talent Is Overrated. While I know I said I would blog about it here today, I’m going to have to push that post until Monday for two reasons. First and quite honestly, I simply haven’t had time to finish editing the post. I find the concept of disciplined practice to be so important that the post has to be right for me to do it justice. And second, I was introduced to an amazing 12-minute documentary that is so incredible that I have to share it with you now. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

The documentary, narrated by Tom Hanks, is called BOATLIFT and it tells the story of the remarkable evacuation by boat of the island of Manhattan on 9/11 after the bridges and tunnels into and out of Manhattan were shut down. It’s the story of ordinary people doing extraordinary things on an unimaginable day. It’s the story of how one simple request from the Coast Guard started an unscripted plan that worked flawlessly at a time of great stress and even greater need. It is a story of humanity and leadership and teamwork that you may have never heard before but I feel confident you will soon be telling all your friends and family members about. 

So sit back, relax, and prepare for some incredible inspiration to climb higher!

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  1. […] Chesley Sullenberger) or charging into the heart of the disaster ala the Captains featured in BOATLIFT, Schettino bailed at his first opportunity and insisted he was managing the crisis from the life […]

  2. […] So you want to build a winning culture? You want to realize the results that come from putting your employees first and really building an amazing team that seems to just run on autopilot like the team in BOATLIFT? […]

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