Posted by: Korry | February 20, 2012

Finding the Right Balance

When I started Life’s Flight Plan in September of last year, I didn’t really know much about blogging. I knew that people always seem to be very curious about what it’s like to be a pilot and I knew that I had a belief that the principles of aviation can help assist in our daily lives. So, I started writing and assumed I’d just figure it out as I go.

So far, I’m thrilled that so many of you find my writings to be worth reading! It’s fun to check my WordPress app for my iPhone and see how many views the site has had on any particular day. It’s also crazy to see just where those views come from–almost every continent of the globe. I really can’t thank you enough for that support.

Earlier this year, I laid out my New Year’s Resolutions which included growing the readership of this blog as well as coming up with an additional seminar based on the principles I write about here. On February 1, I announced that I had decided on a concept for the seminar–a simple, concise and highly effective guide to using the principles I write about every week to help you achieve your goals. I’m super excited about this program and I think you will see it will bring tremendous value to you, too!

I’m also working on a complete redesign of the site, an official Facebook page (admittedly long overdue) and a more robust twitter feed (@lifesflightplan) where you will be able to follow the ins and outs of my daily life as an airline pilot. I will most likely start offering some special updates to email subscribers, and I may offer podcasts as well.

All of these goals are exciting. The challenge, of course, is finding the right balance! The most important priority I have for this blog is to provide content you find enjoyable and valuable. Writing those types of posts takes time and I definitely want to focus on quality, not quantity. I want each post to either answer a question you have about this amazing industry or leave you with a substantive takeaway that you can use every day to help advance your work or personal life. I want this site to truly help you find “Inspiration to Climb Higher.” The first major change you will see is that I’m going to be making only two posts per week instead of four–one on “Techie” Tuesday and another on Thursday. 

Thank you again for your support over the past six months. I can’t wait to see where the next six months will take us!

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