Posted by: Korry | March 15, 2012

Still under the weather

Ok, seriously, this cold may be one of the most obnoxious things I’ve experienced in a long, long time. The runny nose…the congestion…the sore throat…I’m over it all! And while I have woken up from the NyQuil-induced coma I mentioned Tuesday, I unfortunately don’t have the energy to put together a coherent and well thought out blog, so I’m hopeful you will all give me a pass today as I call in sick from blogging.

Instead, I’ll offer you this clip from a PBS special titled “Carrier.” This 10-minute clip focuses on night carrier landings during rough seas where the deck of the ship is rotating side to side and tipping forward and aft. It is pretty unbelievable if you ask me. To all you Navy pilots out there, my hat’s off to you. Simply amazing.

Talk to you next week!!


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