About Me

I have one simple belief about people: we all want to succeed. We have dreams and aspirations. We’re idealistic. We believe anything is possible…and we’re right!

The problem is that sometimes things get hard and we encounter a little turbulence in our lives. Sometimes it seems like the challenges are just too difficult to overcome and we think about diverting from our plans and our dreams. We start to believe that maybe our dreams were a bit too unrealistic. We start to think that maybe our aspirations were naïve. In short, we start to settle. We stop pushing ourselves. We stop dreaming. And we accept a mediocre life that is unfulfilling.

I believe that’s no way to live! Instead, I believe we were right from the start: that we can and WILL succeed; that we can and WILL achieve our dreams and lofty aspirations; that our ideals can and WILL express what’s possible; that we can and WILL never settle in life. To make that happen, sometimes we just need to look at things from a slightly different point of view!

Over the past 12 years, I’ve looked at life from a spectacular point of view—that of the flight decks of the airplanes I pilot. From small, two-seat Cessnas to massive Boeing 767 airliners, I’ve looked out my airplane’s windows onto the world and gained a fresh perspective that has helped me to lead a successful and fulfilling life.

Along the way, I’ve learned strategies and techniques to combat life’s daily challenges, improve my focus, broaden my perspective and ensure that I’m always focused on attaining my major life goals. And through Life’s Flight Plan, I’ll share these tools, techniques and perspectives with you because I believe they can and WILL help you succeed, too!

Like it or not, life’s hourglass is slowly emptying bit by bit. Are you as happy as you ever dreamed you could be? Are you as fulfilled as you once thought possible? If not, why?

You cannot procrastinate about changing your life for the better. You must start NOW!

Let’s chart a course to success together. Let’s view life from a slightly different perspective. Let’s dream big. Let’s achieve the impossible. Let’s get inspired to climb higher!

You’re cleared for takeoff. Let’s go fly!

The views expressed on this website are mine alone and are not necessarily representative of those of my current or past employers.

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