With so many great aviation and travel sites out there, it’s impossible to list them all. Nonetheless, here is a list of our favorites that we think you may find helpful or educational. If you think we’re missing one, email us and let us know at

  • Airline Pilot Central – This is a great place to find information about all things “airline pilot” including salary and benefits, news, forums, etc.
  • Airliners – This website is an absolutely amazing repository of aviation photography. Trust me, you can easily get sucked in for hours.
  • AOPA – Home of the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, the largest and most influential aviation association in the world.
  • Boarding Area – Great site that contains quite a few outstanding aviation blogs.
  • Cranky Flier – Blog of airline enthusiast Brett Snyder. Good insights into the crazy world of airlines.
  • Flight Aware – From this website, you can track specific flights in real time for airlines and private planes alike.
  • Hotwire – By far my favorite website for renting hotels and rental cars. Their star system has yet to let me down.
  • Kayak – Instead of searching multiple travel websites to purchase tickets, Kayak searches all of them for you and lists the results in one pladce. Very slick.
  • Open Table – Oustanding way to search for new restaurants and to make reservations online.
  • Swelblog – Thoughtful and insightful analysis of the airline industry by William Swelbar, Research Engineer in MIT’s International Center for Air Transportation.
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